Nancy Stein, Ph.D., is an epidemiologist and founder of Seniority Matters, a company designed to help aging parents in need of companion care as well as help with tasks such as bill paying, meal preparation or transportation solutions. Nancy, who spent many years providing long-distance care for her own parents, understands the value of having an experienced, trusted advisor. As a Miami resident for 25 years, Nancy has built an extensive network of healthcare contacts and resources. You can think of her as your personal caregiving coach, who can help you create a care strategy, sort through your options and fine-tune solutions as your individual needs change.

In our conversation, we discuss the problems many of us encounter as caregivers and offers up solutions. Combining her academic work with real, in the weeds, practical experience, Nancy is a great source of information about how we can best support our loved ones as they age and need us.

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