Rick Snyder is the author of Decisive Intuition, and the Founder and CEO of Invisible Edge, an international consulting firm that develops intuitive intelligence for leaders and teams for more effective decision-making, sales, leadership and innovation. He speaks to businesses and organizations regularly and has been featured in Forbes, The Economist, Inc., CNBC, and Fast Company, as well as live TV. Beyond consulting, he has launched four businesses and combines that experience with 20 years of studying human behavior to coach leaders to develop and implement intuitive skills into their business plans and company culture.

In our conversation we discuss why his book and work, that seem to apply mainly to business, informs not just ones “bottom line” but the quality of ones life. In a free wheeling conversation, Rick shows why he is one of the best and most in-demand coaches in the space.

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[email protected] www.rickyfishman.com

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