David Kahl is a furniture designer, mindfulness practitioner, and the founder and CEO of Fully. In 2002, inspired by a Norwegian task chair that completely changed how he felt at work, he left a successful but unfulfilling career on Wall Street to build a socially conscious business around active sitting and healthy workspaces. Fast forward 17 years, and Fully is now a Portland-based B Corp that designs its own innovative, movement-inspired furniture that fosters a connection between the body and the mind.

In this interview David describes his journey to become one of the leading proponents and purveyors of high quality ergonomic furniture/equipment. Functional design is his passion. How and why that is comes out clearly in this conversation.

David speaking about emotional intelligence in the workplace at the Portland B Lab event (2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uMmXZeT_qs&t=131s
Blog post about the origins of Fully: https://www.fully.com/blog/our-founder-david-kahl

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