Dr. Mark Schillinger is a writer, community leader, public speaker, family mentor, and an expert on stress management in family dynamics. He’s the creator of the parenting method, The RIGHT Way for Family Unity®, which provides a clear roadmap to help families achieve their true potential.

Dr. Schillinger’s wisdom draws upon the sciences of personal growth, neuro-plasticity, positive discipline, stress management and Western psychology, as well as from the insights of Eastern philosophy and ancestral tribal wisdom.

Dr.  Schillinger is the founder of the non-profit, the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, a wilderness, non-religious rite of passage event that shows adolescent young men how to successfully handle the challenges of the adult world. He’s also the founder of Challenging Teenage Sons, which shows parents and their sons how to enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships.

Dr. Schillinger teaches a continuing education course for health care practitioners called, Adjusting the Mind Seminar. This course explains the neuro-science of stress management and shows practitioners how to teach their patients effective mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques that lowers stress hormones levels in 15 seconds.

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